August 31 2000

A fable about dogs and the internet

Brent introduces us to Frank.

Even more Lego
The International Lego Users Group Network.

Of course there had to be some crazy guys out there who built a whole computer case from Lego. Here’s their website: The Woo Lego Project.

Leo Dorst presents his Life in Lego. For example, he built his Amsterdam Canal House from Lego bricks. Wow! By the way, his Lego clock inspired Eric Harshbarger to build his.

And the Rec.Toys.Lego Frequently Asked Questions.

Cool in allen Lebenslagen

Wer kennt nicht Ernst Eiswürfl? Diese Version von Familie Wischnewski ist nett illustriert.


Oho, unser Schockwellenreiter ist berühmt! Es scheinen also doch andere Wege zu funktionieren als ein entsprechender Untertitel im Weblog… grins:

Herzlichen Glückwunsch, Jörg!

Und hier ist das Interview mit dem gekürten Blogger.

Lego penguin: Lego

What did you built from Lego bricks as a kid? Houses, cars, trains? And all pretty small? Well, Eric Harshbarger builds larger things, like desks and grandfather clocks – in real size! See also the Linux penguin on the left. Amazing.

Link via Schockwellenreiter, who found it at xblog.

By the way, of course Lego will be the only company who sells Harry Potter construction toys: The LEGO Company Is Granted Global Harry Potter License

“The LEGO Company, makers of the world’s best-selling construction toys, today announced that it has entered into an exclusive agreement with Warner Bros. Consumer Products to market Harry Potter construction toys worldwide. […]

The first sets in the new LEGO® line will allow kids ages six to 12 to bring to life the Harry Potter storyline and its characters. The 2001 toy line, which will include nine sets based on the “Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone“ movie, is slated to be on store shelves prior to the film’s release.”

Congratulations!!! smile:

Martin: “My son Raphael Nicolaj Spernau was born exactly 0 days, 4 hours, 0 minutes ago. ”

Herzlichen Glüchwunsch, Sandra und Martin! Und alles Gute!

New Email address

The days of my old and cryptic email address are over. My new address is:

Where have all the kids gone?

Kids are too infused with digital technology, by Pamela Kruger.

Link via array and Curmudgeon.

German ISPs

The Standard: ISPs Liable for Hate Sites, by Rick Perera.

A district president says Internet service providers are responsible for removing sites that break German law.

BERLIN – Internet servicee providers in the German state of North Rhine-Westphalia could face fines of up to $231,000 for carrying Web sites with neo-Nazi propaganda.

Yes, North Rhine-Westphalia is the state we live in.

Link via Garret.

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