August 26 2000

Nachteule: Kultur im Dunkeln

Ob der Schockwellenreiter wohl auch in der langen Nacht der Museen unterwegs war? Sie fand heute (├╝brigens schon zum achten Mal) von 18 bis 2 Uhr in Berlin statt.

Sowas k├Ânnten die hier in Bonn eigentlich auch mal machen, auf unserer Museumsmeile

Daily Updates

David muses about people who manage to update their weblogs almost daily (he names Al, Hal and me as examples). Why do I update daily?

One thing is, once you’ve started updating regularly, it feels “not right” to skip a day. All the numbers in the calendar are links, so one that isn’t wouldn’t fit in. Also, I usually browse the net every day, and I always happen upon something intersting that’s worth posting here, so voila, there’s your daily flip.

But I guess I can’t promise to update this regular in the future, since I’ve started working for my thesis. I’ll really be into the whole Examen thing from November 2000 through July or August 2001, and I guess I’ll be quite busy with studying and learning…

… but then, you have to have some distraction, don’t you? clown:

Germans and Grumpiness

I pointed to two articles (one in German, one in English) about grumpiness and German umlauts yesterday. Now Duncan tells that some Scottish dialects have similar vowels – and I bet they are not grumpy either! wink:


I’m working my way through elliptic functions and module functions (I’m not sure about the English translations for elliptische and Modulfunktionen), so I’m not going to update much today, sorry…

But the weather is much too good to sit in front of a computer anyway, so go outside and enjoy the sunny weather! smile: