August 18 2000

Jules Verne

It seems that many people are searching the web for authors and books today and somehow find their way to my site. I just got email from somebody who was looking for The Mysterious Island by Jules Verne and found it here.

Finally, I start believing that 50% of your visitors come from search engines… just like Philip Greenspun keeps saying in Chapter 7 – Publicizing Your Site (without Irritating Everyone on the Net) of Philip and Alex’s Guide to Web Publishing.

Hey! It seems the whole book is available online at Mastertexts: The Mysterious Island. (By the way, they have many other good books, too. Check out their Title List.

Noah Gordon

I received an email today from someone who has found my site when searching for Noah Gordon at Yahoo (hey, finally someone who doesn’t seem to use GoogleUpdate: I hear that Yahoo is powered by Google… oh well.) and obviously had a look at my Ten Books list. He saw I pointed to some books by Noah Gordon and sent me the link to his new web site, NoahGordonBooks. While I don’t think all of Gordon’s books are extraordinary, most of them are quite good, and I never regretted reading a book by him.

Schon wieder die Rechtschreibung

Die Zeit ruft die Dichter zum Diktat! Aufruf zum Rechtschreibtest – nach den alten Regeln von Jens Jessen

Die Zeit ruft die gegen die Rechtschreibreform protestierenden Autoren zum Diktat nach alten Regeln auf. Wer besteht, darf weiterhin protestieren, wer nicht, sollte wohl lieber die Klappe halten. Auf das Ergebnis bin ich schon gespannt! clown: