“He was going to be famous, the best shooter ever”

Chicago Tribune: Accused S.C. teen wanted to outdo other school shootings. The problem, he explained, was the weapon.. “Jesse Osborne detailed his motives in online messages, interviews and a 46-page confession.”

“”My plan,” wrote Jesse Osborne, who had turned 14 three weeks earlier, “is shooting my dad getting his keys getting in his truck, driving to the elementary school 4 mins away, once there gear up, shoot out the bottom school class room windows, enter the building, shoot the first class which will be the 2d grade, grab teachers keys so I don’t have to hasle to get through any doors.”

He had been researching other school shooters for months and, determined to outdo them, learned exactly how many people they’d murdered: 13 at Columbine High; 26 at Sandy Hook Elementary; 32 at Virginia Tech.

“I think ill probably most likely kill around 50 or 60,” Jesse declared. “If I get lucky maybe 150.””


“Jesse could have killed so many more children, he knew, with that Mini-14.

“To the media, it’s called an assault rifle,” he told interrogators before lamenting, for a second time, that it remained locked away.

But he was wrong.

Soon after the shooting, investigators searched the teen’s home for evidence. In his parents’ bedroom, they looked in the closet, and there, outside the safe and just feet from his father’s dresser, was the weapon Jesse coveted.”

I’m feeling sick to my stomach.

Link via MetaFilter.