2 thoughts on “Kolibris

  1. garret

    The rufous hummers are MEAN. It’s like having “Top Gun” outside your window. The wings sound like a buzz-saw in need of oiling. They usually head farther north, and the more mild-mannered broad-tails and calliopes stay for the middle of summer. But early summer and late summer, watch out. I’ve had my head whacked by these little meanies … they’re adorable, but they use body-blows.

    What I need to do is have a video camera with a high-powered zoom, and then I can catch their antics and put it to the Top Gun soundtrack (“Danger Zone”).

  2. Andrea Post author

    “… they’re adorable, but they use body-blows”

    Well, you have to admit that they’ve got courage. You’re about fifty times larger than they are! (I know I wouldn’t mess with someone 275 ft tall, that’s for sure.)

    I would love to see some hummingbird videos – or should I call them humveebirds? ;-)

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