Back to school

You probably haven’t noticed that it was a bit quiet around here for two weeks because I don’t post regularly enough, but AndrĂ© and I have been on vacation during the last two weeks of my school holidays. We went to the southwestern part of England during the first half of August and were very lucky with the weather – we only had rain on two days but never got wet while hiking.

We hiked several parts of the coastal path that surrounds most (all?) of England and did one or two other hikes as well. I was fascinated by the public footpaths and bridleways that anyone can use. We walked through fields with cows, sheep or horses and even crossed several private gardens, where one feels a bit like an intruder, but if there were people present they just said hi and didn’t seem to be bothered by random hikers at all.

I might write a bit more about our trip if I can find the time; however, I’ve been back in school since Monday, and the first few days have been very hectic. We’ll see if it gets better after the first couple of weeks.

Meanwhile, here are a few photos (as usual, click for bigger version).

Obligatory shot of Stonehenge.

Durdle Door near Lulworth Cove on the Dorset coast.

It’s the enigmatic frog! (Found in a wooded area of Exmoor.)

This is Dartmouth after sunset, as seen across the Dart from the town centre. We attended a wedding there.

Wouldn’t you like to ride in a car like this to your wedding?

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