Thursday, September 20 2001

tarangire thumb: Kenya

Wednesday, September 20, 1995: Tarangire National Park.


Happy first weblog anniversary, Bumblebee Blog!

PattiAnn: My Personal Favorite Patriotic Pose of the Day. I’m not sure why, but this one made me laugh.


AndrĂ© is going on a weekend trip early tomorrow morning. The trip involves two one-hour flights in each direction, and I have to admit that I’m a bit nervous about this. Both Frauke and Oliver went on inner-european flights this week and didn’t report anything unusual, which is reassuring. The security checks seem to be tighter, which probably is a good thing, and I know that there really is no need to worry more than before, but I will be relieved when he’s back.

One thought on “Thursday, September 20 2001

  1. Scott Hanson

    I didn’t feel particularly good about Frauke flying this week either.

    A co-worker of mine was supposed to fly from Hamburg to Boston (for holiday) on the 11th. He made it to Amsterdam, then everything was cancelled. So now he’s not going to the States after all. He’s still got 3 weeks holiday, so he’s looking for a last minute deal in the sun that he can reach by train.

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