Monday, May 28 2001


Okay, the first bunch of photos are ready… I’ve divided them in two groups:

  • Saturday morning and afternoon: sightseeing in Amsterdam, and meeting some webloggers.
  • Scripting News / Weblogger dinner. With 14 photos.

    More photos from Sunday to come tomorrow!



    Al, I don’t think your patients want to see this photo of you…

    On the other hand, I think I would like to attend one of your cooking lectures!

    'Craig, 18 months old.Birthday Boy

    Oh, if I had known what a special day Saturday was, I would have gotten up ten minutes earlier to flip the page…

    A very happy 50th Birthday, Craig!!! Sounds like you had a wonderful day and celebration!

    Back home

    We’re back! Our train from Amsterdam was about half an hour late last night, but we made it home at around 11 pm. Although the weather could have been a little warmer, we spent two interesting days in Amsterdam, meeting quite a few people on Saturday at the dinner. More later, I haven’t uploaded the photos yet… For a first impression, go to Papa Scott, who took the most unusual means of transportation to Amsterdam.

    Oh, and Oliver Wrede from Cologne, Germany, posted bunch of photos last night.

  • 2 thoughts on “Monday, May 28 2001

    1. Scott Hanson

      Glad to hear you got home safe and sound. I wasn’t going to post anything last night, but then Frauke posted the picture. Then she was too tired to write any text. :-)

      Christopher slept in late today, and isn’t as active as usual. Then again, neither am I.

    2. Andrea Frick

      I didn’t see the Rasenmäher photo before we left for Amsterdam. And I thought you went by car!

      Christopher slept in late today, and isn’t as active as usual. Then again, neither am I.

      Neither am I. It’s past seven, and I haven’t really gotten anything done… I hope I’ll be fitter tomorrow.

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