November 21 2000

New house

Did I hear someone yeee-hawing in New Mexico?

Must’ve been Sandra and Garret – the house is theirs! Congratulations!

“You’ll have at least five jobs after you graduate, four of which haven’t been invented yet.” – Michael Cox, Chief Economist, Federal Reserve Bank of Dallas

Found here via Duncan.


Al has a photo of him edithing View From The Heart after a night shift. Megan and Janelle seem to me much more awake than their dad! Cute picture!

What happened to people who post search requests?

For a day or two now, people have been complaining that Google seems not to link to their sites any more. I’ve only submitted a search request there once, but Google still finds it. My page is not in the top ten results any more, but I don’t really care.

As for whether people still find my site via Google or Yahoo – well, take a look at my referrers!