Daily Archives: November 19, 2000

November 19 2000

Moving soon

For several days now, Garret wrote on his blog that his wife and he are packing and preparing for moving into their new house. I hope you find enough helping hands! André and I would love to come and help out, but unfortunately New Mexico is too far away, and I can’t afford to take some days off from my thesis…

Not quite Behind the curtain, but almost

After his little desaster with the BTC project, Craig has a new idea:

Every year my family gets together with a small and very close group of friends for Thanksgiving. We eat unbelievably good food, drink expensive wine, talk, laugh and have a wonderful time together. […]

I called Cassandra, at who’s home we will meet for the feast, and suggested that we document our Thanksgiving day together, real time, on BookNotes. She thought it was a good idea. So barring any unanticipated technical glitches, the annual James, Bierner, Prewett, Hutchinson, Jensen Thanksgiving Feast will be available to feast your eyes on.

Yay! That should be especially interesting for non-Americans and other people who are not familiar with Thanksgiving (like me)!


The Munich Astro Archive has maps, papers, astronomical catalogs, FAQs, links and other stuff about astronomy.

Gibt’s auch auf deutsch: Das Münchner Astro-Archiv hat Karten des Nachthimmels, Literatur, astronomische Kataloge, FAQs und anderes. Einen Blick wert!


The MacTutor History of Mathematics archive has more than 1300 biographies of mathematicians, 30 articles on the history of various topics in mathematics, more than 60 curves with their history and properties, and it features mathematicians of the day.

A Day Without Weblogs

The day before yesterday, I wrote that I am going to participate in the Day without Weblogs project. Al says he has mixed feelings about the project; to him it feels like doing as little as possible and not really helping anyone.

I understand his point and admit that there are many ways to do more – but this is at least something. I don’t think the intention of the project is to get people to stop blogging for a day, but rather to post AIDS related links. I posted my thoughts about DWW over in Al’s discussion group.

I think that the project probably has a wrong name. I don’t know much about the Day without Art project, but maybe the difference between the projects would be clearer if DWW would be named Blogging against AIDS instead?!

At least that’s what I think DWW is about.