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November 22 2000


Diary Antarctica is the journal of Xinzhao Chu, who seems to be working somewhere in Antarctica. Quite a few nice photos on her weblog, too!

While it may not be as adventorous as The Bancroft Arnesen Expedition, it’s still interesting. I mean, how many people do you know who work at the South Pole?

No sunset today

At 4:30 pm, a little while before the sun set, it started to rain quite heavily. Instead of sticking my camera out of a window towards the west, I took these photos from our living room windows – away from the sun!

Regenbogen Panorama:

These were, as you can easily see, four photos. Here’s another shot of one end of the rainbow. You can sort of see the second rainbow outside the first one. (It was clearly visible outsinde, but the photo is not as good, sorry.) Note that the colors on the outer rainbow are inverted.

Regenbogen klein:

And here’s a shot at the sun. Yes, the sky was really that yellowish-coloured. Nature always impresses me – sometimes even in the middle of civilisation…

Blick nach Westen:

Okay, I admit it all looked much more impressive in reality… sigh. At least you should get the idea from the photos.