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November 27 2000

Silly Putty

Here’s a Silly Putty Recipe. I wonder if it is like the real stuff.

Link via /usr/bin/girl.

Are they talking about me?

A few days ago, André said I should read Sean‘s Discussion Group because there was some A-list and D-list talk. And what did I find? This:

Reg. D-List: There is a discussion about A-list weblogger. i think ist is a joke to piss them off. we jump the bandwaggon by pretending to be D-list.

Of course, this is understatement because, as we all know, we are C-list. Andrea is B-list :)

Hey guys, are you talking about me? Please explain why I get a list all to myself. Or is there anyone else on B-list?

(Yeah, I know this was four days ago and I’m pretty late, but hey, I’m busy!)

Update: I got some replies. Sean says I can be proud to be on B-list. So who else in on B-list?

UN Climate Conference

The climate conference in the Hague has ended without agreement:

“Munich’s Süddeutsche Zeitung comments: The World Climate Conference was billed as a last chance summit. It has collapsed, and the US wanted it that way. The country chiefly responsible for global warming isn’t willing to change its way of life. The US produces fully one quarter of all carbon dioxide emissions – those most often linked with climate change. Now, more than ever, the European Union must stand by its commitments. For the past thirty years, the maxim “too little, too late” has applied to ecological concerns. The only alternative is an all-out catastrophe.”

The next climate conference will be held here in Bonn, Germany, in 2001.

US Election

“In the US presidential election, Republican George W. Bush has been certified as the winner in Florida after a manual recount in the state. He had just 537 more votes than his Democratic rival, Vice-President Al Gore. Speaking from Texas, Governor Bush announced plans to start preparing to move into the White House and called on Mr Gore to reconsider plans to contest the results. Mr Gore’s legal advisers said they would challenge the certification in a Florida state court on Monday, adding that the vice-president had no plans to concede defeat. They said he would challenge results in three Florida counties – a move that is expected to take at least several days. In addition, the US Supreme Court is not to hear arguments on a Bush challenge to the manual recounting of votes in Florida until next Friday.”

Source: Deutsche Welle News. (Link valid for today only.)

Harry Potter

Mollie is reading Harry Potter, and got addicted. She says she somehow got sucked into the books… Yes, I can understand that very well. It always happens to me with some book or other when I have too much to do anyway.

I’ve only read the first two Harry Potter books, but I hope someone will give me parts three and four for Christmas (hint! hint! ). And I also hope they don’t interfere with my thesis too much.

ISSNs for weblogs?

John Marden applied for an ISSN for his weblog, and so have others, it seems. Read about it here.

As Jason Levine puts it, “if nothing else, it can help make all of us freaks feel like there’s a legitimate purpose to the amount of time we spend maintaining our sites.” Heh.

Check at ISSN.org to find out how to apply for an ISSN number in your country, or read the ISSN FAQ.


It’s 3:30 a.m. and I can’t sleep. I’ve been fighting with LaTeX this evening, and – as usual – it took much longer than I thought to hack a few pages together. But now I’ve finally made it to do some tables like I want them. facehappy:

But now I’m wide awake. And I can’t sleep late tomorrow because there’s still lots of paperwork to be done…