November 10 2000

Birthday Dino:  Happy Birthday to you!

Yay! It’s André‘s birthday today!

Alles Gute und viel Glück!



You can never have enough quotes.

Link via /usr/bin/girl.

For the Star Wars fans…

Check out Star Asciimation Wars!

New Manila Feature

Manila sites now have a page that shows the hourly hits.

Winter in New Mexico

“the snow has melted quite a bit at our altitude (snow rarely stays for more than two or three days in santa fe, no matter how deep), and has turned our dirt roads into pits of viscous, brown gook. i was getting annoyed, until i stepped back and remembered how much i loved playing in the mud as a child. i mean, if you’re going to get your car dirty, why not get it *really* dirty? (evil grin) oh, if sandra finds out…”

Don’t worry, Garret, I won’t tell Sandra! facehappy: