June 21 2000

Late in the evening…

Hmm… almost time to flip the page again, but not quite. Sorry there’s not much here today. It was too. damn. hot.

This evening, we got a nice little thunderstorm with a bit of rain, so it has cooled down. Nice.

We just returned from having dinner with the family of a friend of a friend. Their son has just graduated from Gymnasium and is thinking about studying physics after his nine months at the Bundeswehr. Our, or rather, André’s friend, told them he knew two physics students, and they invited us three to dinner so we could tell their son about the university and stuff. We had a wonderful dinner and talked a lot.

The mother of the physicist-to-be is a teacher in elementary school, so we had a lot to talk about, and André was surprised to hear the son knew UserLand Frontier!

bamboo: Two beautiful Herbariums

The images were made with a flat-bed scanner.

Herbarium Berolinensis Digitalis (I took the picture from this one.)

Centre for Plant Biodiversity Research and Australian National Herbarium

It seems like Sheila liked them, too!

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