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June 4 2000

The origin of Aids

The origin of Aids (via BookNotes):

“Most scientists believe that Aids was ‘naturally’ transferred from primates to human beings via a hunter who ate a chimpanzee. But a competing theory claims that Aids was caused in the 1950s when thousands of Africans were given a live polio vaccine derived from chimp kidneys. The stakes are getting higher, reports Matt Ridley

New Manila Macro

There’s a new macro called pictureRef which makes it easy, among other things, to “align right” a picture. Just what I wanted all the time!


Today is Sunday, the only day of the week on which hard-working students like me can get some work done.

It took me two hours to sort through my stuff for the uni and clean up my desk… incredible. Seems like I should stop studying and get started with my Examen thesis…

I also did some household chores and spent some time reading A Great Deliverance by Elizabeth George. I discovered her crime stories recently and like them a great deal. While reading one of her novels, I come up with several explanations about who is the murderer and why. So far, I’ve always been wrong!

Half a year of EditThisPage

John Marden, better-known as The Curmudgeon, flipped his page for the first time six months ago. Seems like there are quite a few people who started on that day. When did EditThisPage.com start?

Jeff’s Weblog is celebrating its 6th month anniversary today: “My life changed on a Saturday afternoon at 4:19:08 PM…”

Al flipped the page for the 180th (?) time today as well. He started his weblog, View From The Heart, on December 4, 1999. Wow!

I started my weblog on January 25, 2000, a little over four months ago.

By the way, Al, I thought the St. Pauli Girl Beer would suck. I didn’t know it before Scott pointed it out to me, probably because it is not sold in Germany. Nobody would buy it here, I guess!



Heute ist Sonntag, der einzige Tag der Woche, an dem man als fleißiger Stundent dazu kommt, etwas zu tun.

Etwa zwei Stunden habe ich damit verbracht, meinen Uni-Krempel zu sortieren und meinen Schreibtisch aufzuräumen… unglaublich. Vielleicht sollte ich endlich aufhören zu studieren und stattdessen mit meiner Examensarbeit anfangen…

Außerdem habe ich mich noch ein bißchen als Hausfrau betätigt und nebenbei in “A Great Deliverance”, auf Deutsch erschienen unter dem Titel Gott schütze dieses Haus, von Elizabeth George gelesen. Die Autorin (und englische Krimis überhaupt) habe ich erst vor kurzem für mich entdeckt. Elizabeth Georges Bücher gefallen mir, weil man nicht voraussagen kann, wie die Geschichte endet. Bisher hatte ich bei jedem Buch mehrere Theorien, wer der Mörder ist und warum, aber ich hatte noch nie recht!