Daily Archives: June 5, 2000

June 5 2000

“Free…and worth every penny!”

I like Al’s Weblog Motto.

Local Weblog Time

Martin is working on his “local time” clock. It has a pull-down menu with the names of different weblogs in it and is supposed to display the local time for the chosen weblog. I’m already in the menu, but the clock doesn’t seem to work properly:

The JavaScript in the time-zone widget depends on the local-time on the client PC/MAC/whatever. So it always displays the same time for traumwind as the time for you… Unngh! […]

Well, Susan and Andrea are in, none the less :)

Yesterday, Traumwind‘s time was an hour behind me, which I blamed on the Daylight Savings Time. (Martin and I are both in Germany and thus in the same time zone.) Bot today it says it’s 6:14 (am or pm?), but in fact it’s 23:42 (that’s 11:42 pm) right now. Susan‘s local time is even stranger: It says it’s -2:15 where she lives!