June 18 2000

If you lived in Germany, it would be your birthday right now!

I flipped my homepage early (before going to bed) in order to be the first ETPer to be able to congratulate Sheila on her birthday – on the correct day!

star: Alles Gute zum Geburtstag! – Happy Birthday, Sheila! star:


Thanks to everybody who wished me a happy birthday:

André, Imke, Gabi (via Email), Sheila (twice), Brent, Al, Jörg, Martin (Who’s the lady? ), Dave, Duncan (friday), Frauke (Thanks for the flowers!), Garret, David, Susan (She picked nice pictures, too!), John, Jeff, John (who would have liked to eat Bienenstich with me) – and everybody who called on the phone!


Seems like I don’t need to post an update at BookNotes today, since Craig posted something while in Prague.

He also dropped in to my weblog!

Survey – Do you read my site in English and/or German?

Vote here! (You have to be a member.)


Und auch noch mal auf Deutsch, obwohl bisher alle meine deutschsprachigen Leser zugegeben haben, auch Englisch zu können: clown:

Vielen Dank für all die netten Grüße zu meinem Geburtstag!

Umfrage – Wer liest mein Weblog auf Englisch und/oder Deutsch?

Bitte hier abstimmen! (Dazu muß man Mitglied sein oder werden. Nährere Infos über die Mitgliedschaft gibt’s hier.)

8 thoughts on “June 18 2000

  1. Sheila Simmons

    Hello Andrea!

    Thank you for the birthday wishes! It’s still one hour from my birthday here in Seattle, but it’s great to know I’m already being congratulated in Germany! :-)

    By the way, I hear the same congratulations (Happy Birthday) are in order for you! Wow! Alles Gute zum Geburtstag! A great day for a birthday, if you ask me!

    I hope you have a wonderful day. Enjoy!


  2. Jörg Kantel

    Noch ist es nicht zu spät :

    Herzlichen Glückwunsch zum Geburtstag!

    Jörg (Der Schockwellenreiter)

  3. Craig Jensen

    Hi Andrea and readers of Andrea’s Weblog. Nothing much to say but hello and extend my thanks to Andrea for helping out with BookNotes. It sure was nice to meet you!

    Bye for now.

  4. Martin Spernau

    Ich wünsche Dir alles, was Du Dir selbst auch wünschen würdest ;)

    [muß ich das jetzt auch noch auf Englisch?;)]

  5. Susan Kitchens

    Hee! There’s a nice, bilingual way to wish you a Fröhe Birthday, oops, I mean a Happy Geburtstag!


  6. John VanDyk

    Happy Birthday Andrea! If I were in Germany, I’d get some Bienenstück to celebrate!


  7. Andrea Frick

    Thanks John!

    How did you know I just love Bienenstich (that’s bee’s sting – ouch!) clown:

    However, we only had chocolate cake today, but that’s okay. I baked it myself, and Bienenstich would have been much more complicated to make.


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