June 2 2000

Expologo Expo 2000

The Expo 2000 was the Top Story of Deutsche Welle yesterday (short article with additional links).

More than 150,000 people visited the Expo yesterday. Not bad for the first day!

Die Expo 2000 war gestern das Tagesthema bei der Deutschen Welle (Artikel und zusätzliche Links).

Gestern besuchten mehr als 150.000 Leute die Expo. Nicht schlecht für den ersten Tag!

Al on the Expo 2000

Al commented on my posting about the Expo yesterday:

“Andrea and Andre are getting ready to attend Expo 2000 in Hanover, Germany. Sounds like fun! An expo, German beer, and big German women. Oh Yeah! (sorry, that was my evil twin that wrote that. He has been sacked….)”

Well. Big German women?!? Seems like there are some strange clichés about Germans. Any others I should know about?

<wink>By the way, you can ask André – he would describe me as being anything else but big, I guess! </wink>

Update: Al answered on his home page:

“Open mouth, insert foot. I know better than to let my lecherous alter ego gain control. It gets me in trouble every time. Without fail. Yeesh. […]

Anyway. Andrea, the cliches and preconceptions are all mine, based on random books and news clippings of Oktoberfest biergartens showing barmaids swinging double fistfuls of beer steins… I don’t suspect they are shared by many other people.”

Al, I didn’t mean it that serious! I was just wondering… thanks for the explanation.

Seeing pictures from the Octoberfest always make me wondering about my fellow countrymen, too!