May 28 2000

Oliver in Seattle

Oliver is in Seattle. He wonders where his readers are. I don’t know about the others, but I’m right here, and I read your posts. And I enjoyed the photos, too, by the way!

The link from Dave should get you quite a few hits, I guess!

PapaScott loses a hat at Dodenhof

Scott and Frauke went to Dodenhof in search of a crib for Christopher. Seems like they were not successful. Lost a hat and bought only some socks.

I have been to Dodenhof many times. It’s less than half an hour by car from where my parents live (and where I used to live until I was 19). I bought some furniture there when I moved to Hannover, but I’ve never tried to buy a crib there, of course.

I always marvel at the license plates of the cars in the Dodenhof parking lot. It seems people come from all over Lower Saxony, Bremen and Hamburg. Is it really worth the long drive?

Some authors on the web

I spent some time on the web looking for authors yesterday. Here’s what I found:

Excerpt from ‘Valinor’ by Ted Nasmith

Autoren im Web

In den letzten Tagen habe ich die Sites einiger Autoren im Web angeschaut. Die meisten sind in Englisch (siehe oben), aber ein paar gibt’s auch auf Deutsch:

P.S.: Offenbar funktioniert der Mailserver der Uni Bonn heute nicht. Daher bekomme ich momentan keine Emails… Sorry!