Daily Archives: May 7, 2000

May 7 2000

Craig Jensen comes to Germany

Craig Jensen is going to accompagny his daughter, who sings in the Austin Girls Choir, on a trip to Germany. The choir will perform in Cologne, too. That’s just 20 miles north of Bonn (my current home town), so maybe I’ll be able to go to their concert.


Oliver says: “WILL I TAKE MY CAMERA? You bet.”

Okay, Oliver, I heard you. Maybe I should have asked instead: Are you going to post pictures of your trip on The Far Side of My Mind?

But I guess the question is superfluous as well.

Manila Sites’ Updates

Hey! There’s a new Updates page with all the Manila Sites on it.

Will there also be a new Top 100 page? I’m not on the current one. Seems like my site is one of the ones that have been moved to another server.

Dave says:

“Yes, your site was moved to increase performance of both your site and the server it used to be on. Congratulations Andrea, lots of people are reading your stuff. Keep up the good work!!”

I feel honoured!


Hey! Es gibt eine neue Updates-Seite mit allen Manila-Sites, d.h. denen von EditThisPage und Weblogs.

Ob die Top 100-Seite auch erneuert wird? Momentan bin ich nicht darauf zu finden; offensichtlich gehört meine Site zu denen, die auf einen anderen Server umgezogen sind.