Daily Archives: May 6, 2000

May 6 2000

Oops, I missed two days! Has this happened before? Hmm…


Alwin Hawkins has posted some information about Oregon.

“I am a firm believer that Portland is one of the few places outside of Germany or England where you can get a decent pint of beer. Microbrews are big here (pardon the expression), considering that coffee is almost the regional beverage it’s even more amazing you can find a decent hefeweizen…”

Good to hear that – I like a cool hefeweizen on a hot day. But I’m afraid it wouldn’t lure André to Oregon because he doesn’t like beer.

But of course, we would not go anywhere just to taste the beers. I guess we’d both enjoy visiting the rainforest or watching the whales migrate.

Thanks, Alwin – makes me want to go there right away! Sadly, this is not possible. The students I help with math have their final exam on May 11 – and there’s still a lot of work to do.

Besides, I got my last Schein (the piece of paper saying that I successfully participated in a course at the uni) the day before yesterday. We celebrated with a hefeweizen!

I just read that Oliver is going to Oregon soon. Makes me want to go, too.

Oliver, are you taking your camera? I wanna see photos!


Ups, gleich zwei Tage “verpaßt” – ist mir das schon mal passiert?

Aber ich hatte auch viel zu tun. Meine Nachhilfeschüler schreiben am 11. Mai ihre Abiklausur in Mathe, und bis dahin werden noch einige Nachhilfestunden nötig sein…

Außerdem habe ich endlich vorgestern meinen letzten Schein bekommen – für meine Hausarbeit über Bildung und Mathematik, die mit “gut” bewertet wurde. Jetzt kann ich mich also in die Vorbereitungen für’s Examen stürzen…