Politics in the US

dangerousmeta: A little election math, for those afraid of their fellow citizens. And a rant.

“[S]top mouthing off on social media, get serious, get organized. Stop posting sh-t after a 30-second read finds you an echo-chamber article that gives you an ideological orgasm. Fomenting hate just makes things worse. Find a cause and volunteer. Defend what you love, don’t sit and bitch on Facebook – it’s the precise definition of impotence. As effective as putting ‘daring’ bumper stickers on your g-d car.”

Well said, Garret.

One thought on “Politics in the US

  1. garret

    Folks on FB pushed me a little far. I don’t usually dive into such depths of profanity. Everyone’s being foolish, childish. We have to get organized and oppose with all might and main.

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