Maths and physics visualizations

Lucas Vieira Barbosa: “Below is a mostly comprehensive gallery of all images — illustrations, diagrams and animations — that I have created for Wikipedia over the years, some of which have been selected as featured pictures, or even picture of the day. As you’ll probably notice, they’re mostly related to physics and mathematics, which are my main areas of interest.”

See for example the sine curve drawing process, cosine, sine and the unit circle, coupled oscillators. I often use these in my lessons, but have usually drawn them on the (chalk)board. My school is getting interactive whiteboards in more classrooms now, so these animations will come in very handy.

Matt Henderson publishes his animations on his Math and Science Blog matthen. Did you know that The focus of a rolling parabola traces out a catenary, the curve of a hanging chain held by its ends?

Links via MetaFilter.