Wednesday, October 3 2001


Browsing through your referrers can be shocking sometimes. While it’s nice that nine people came to my site during the last 24 hours looking for info on the German Reunification, I find it very disturbing that no less than 44 referrers were from search engine queries about the World Trade Center attacks. Almost all are looking for photos, and too many of them specify they want to see photos of people jumping out of the windows. One even searched for WTC horrible photos, another for photos killed wtc people jump. Yikes, I just found out that I’m number one for both queries. Why?

And what’s wrong with those people? Didn’t they see enough of it on TV? Go away, there are no such photos here!

Reunification Day

Today is Tag der deutschen Einheit, or Reunification Day. Eleven years ago today, the former GDR and FRG were reunified after the wall came down on November 9, 1989. If you are interested in the history behind this day, I wrote about it a year ago. Some of the links don’t work any more, but most of them should still work.


Tuesday, October 3, 1995: Last day in Kenya and flight back to Germany.


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  1. Roberto


    INTERNET has got a great audience, and there are a lot of people, strange people too.

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