Sunday, September 2 2001

Fifty Places of a Lifetime*

Susan has been to 14 of the 50 places. I envy her for being able to say, “Grand Canyon — practically in my backyard”.

And I envy Jeff for living in two of them.

Scott says:

“Funny things is, in a bi-national family we have less opportunity to see places than we would otherwise, since our resources we have for travelling (mainly time, but also money) are spent visiting family and relatives. My parents have seen more of Europe than I have, and Frauke’s brothers have seen more of the US the Frauke has.”

I’ve never thought about it this way…

comingsoon: More traveling

Six years ago, on September 2nd, 1995, I set foot on the African continent for the first (and so far, only) time in my life. I thought I would share some photos and stories from the trip with you.

Starting today, I’m going to post one day’s worth of photos each day (okay, not every day has photos, but most do) for the 33 days I spent in Kenya and Tanzania. Start with September 2, 1995.

I also created a map that shows the whole trip.

Please note that most of the links on the Kenya pages are not working yet. They will become active when I put the respective days up. I just included all the links so I don’t have to go back and edit each page again and again.

Also, there are no photos today, but the first ones are going to be up tomorrow!