March 14 2001

Math Quotes

I like both Jeff’s and Garret’s suggestions, but I’m afraid it would not be a good idea to put them on my thesis.

Imke suggested this one:

“Wer die Geometrie begreift, vermag in dieser Welt alles zu verstehen.” – Galileo Galilei

“The person who understands Geometry is able to understand everything in this world.” – Galileo Galilei

I like it!

Auch schön, aber weniger passend:

“Das Buch der Natur ist mit mathematischen Symbolen geschrieben”. – Galileo Galilei

Das wäre eigentlich was für meine Hausarbeit über Mathematik und Bildung letztes Jahr gewesen… so als provokante Eröffnung.


I shall finish my thesis tomorrow. However, I’m still looking for a quote to go on the first page. It should have something to do with geometry, and it would be even cooler if it is by one of the mathematicians that appear in my thesis, e.g. Euklid, Felix Klein, Poincaré, Riemann, Schwarz, Liouville, Hilbert, Carathéodory, Hurwitz, Courant, or Siegel.

Meanwhile, I’ve found the Mathematical Quotations Server of Furman University. (I thought I linked to it before, but the search engine doesn’t find it.)

I searched for quotes on geometry here, and found this one:

“Out of nothing I have created a strange new universe.” – János Bolyai (1802 – 1860)

[A reference to the creation of a non-euclidean geometry.]

How do you like it?


Happy wedding anniversary, Tina and John!

Reading online

Bookvalley is a collection of books that are available online.

Link via Garret.

Dritte Bonner Museumsnacht

Aha, Museumsnächte gibt’s also auch hier in Bonn. Aus dem aktuellen Newsletter der Uni:

“Zur 3. Bonner Museumsnacht am Samstag, 31. März, werden die Bonner Musentempel bis zur Geisterstunde geöffnet sein. Auch die Uni beteiligt sich: Von 19.30 Uhr bis zirka 24 Uhr ist beispielsweise eine Keltennacht im Akademischen Kunstmuseum angekündigt, das neue Ägyptologische Museum [Fotos dazu] lädt ein und im Arithmeum geht es alles andere als diskret und geheim zu. Im Deutschen Museum Bonn tragen Rechtsmediziner und die Bonn University Shakespeare Company zu einer spannenden Kriminacht bei.”

2 thoughts on “March 14 2001

  1. Jeff Cheney

    I’m still looking for a quote to go on the first page.

    What did the acorn say when he grew up?

    Gee, I’m a tree! (if you say it fast enough, it sounds like geometry)

  2. garret p vreeland

    not bad, not bad. i looked at your ‘quote generator’, did a few random links, and this stuck out at me:

    Weyl, Hermann (1885 – 1955):

    “My work has always tried to unite the true with the beautiful and when I had to choose one or the other, I usually chose the beautiful.”

    (In an obituary by Freeman J. Dyson in Nature, March 10, 1956.)

    some of the graphics you posted were quite lovely … but this is wrong for a thesis, because it implies you would choose ‘untruth’ over a nice geometric figure.

    between jeff and myself, we’re absolutely *no* help … (grin) …

    in other words, go with your choice!

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