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March 12 2001

Peope do have crazy ideas!

What a cool idea! Let-me-stay-for-a-day.com – Ramon Stoppelberg, a 24-year-old student from the Netherlands, asks people around the world for a place to stay for a day. He is going to hitch-hike whereever these offers take him, and will be covering the trip on his website.

Link via MetaFilter.

Springtime is here!

Today, I worked in the garden. Okay, not really. But I bought some Italian herbs and planted them in a box. Now we can use our own home-grown fresh herbs for cooking!

I proudly present, from left to right: thyme, rosemary, and oregano. We also have parsley, which is visible in the bottom left corner. Ah, the fragrance of those herbs! Makes me hungry…

(There’s some ivy in the background, which we do not intend to eat.)

Thymian, Rosmarin und Oregano


Yay, there’s an excerpt of Otherland: Sea of Silver Light by Tad Williams on Amazon.com! And the book is going to be published in April – I can hardly wait to read the last part of the series. The timing is perfect – in April I’ll have to start preparing for my written exams, and I always need good books to read while learning.

Fast zwei Milliarden Mark bis 2005 für zusätzliche Lehrerstellen

Seite 1: Bessere Besoldung soll Nordrhein-Westfalen im Wettbewerb mit anderen Ländern helfen.

Na, das sind doch mal gute Nachrichten für Lehrer und solche, die es werden wollen.

Kleine Weisheiten…

Sean zu einer Frage der Charaktermaschine:

“Selbstgepräche? – Wer von uns beiden?”

Sunset – or sunrise?

Beautiful photo, Jeff!