Daily Archives: March 15, 2001

March 15 2001

We now resume our normal weblogging program.

Thanks for all your congratulations!

Craig asked: ”
What’s the first thing you are going to do with your freedom?

May I suggest that you and André go out for a romantic dinner, with champagne, of course. ”

Well, the first thing I did today was to go for a walk and run some errands – at a leasurely pace. I spent the rest of the afternoon on the sofa, reading – my first book in weeks that didn’t have any of the words Elliptic Functions, Theory of Functions, or Algebraic Topology on it.

There will be some sports tomorrow: Ride my bike to the copyshop, get my thesis, and ride my bike to the Prüfungsamt to hand it in; and some weight-lifting. I have about 20 books from different libraries sitting on my desk that need to be returned.

And as for the suggested dinner, we might go out for dinner on the weekend, but I doubt there will be champagne. True, I finished writing, but I won’t know the grade for another three months. Depending on the news I get in June, we might celebrate then.


I am freeeee!

I’m quoting Susan here – and no other words would be more appropriate.

I finally finished my thesis. I worked till past 5 am last night, then slept for three hours and got the rest done. Then I went to the copyshop to have it bound, and tomorrow I’m going to hand it in. Finally!

Susan, I can so understand how you must have felt during working on that book of yours. My thesis has only about 50 pages, so I know you must have felt about 20 times as exhausted as I am now.

Only one problem remains: What am I going to do today? And tomorrow?