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April 3 2000

Identity Crisis


Andrea had an identity crisis yesterday and couldn’t tell the difference between herself and Crusoe . Never mind Andrea, Dave is trying his best to make you famous!!

Thanks for letting me know. The correct link, ouf course, is


Dave is trying to make me famous? Lemme see…

He says:

Andrea’s Weblog documents the trip she and Andre took to the US last year. As usual, San Francisco looks prettier viewed through the eyes of a tourist! I forget how beautiful my hometown is, thanks for the reminder.

Oh, and thanks Jeremy, for featuring my weblog today!

Today’s Featured LinkBack Page: Andrea’s Weblog, where her journal of her trip to the Western US is causing links.

Right. And Dave’s link to Day 2 is causing many hits!

Trip to the USA

Here’s the second day of our trip – with photos!

Day 2



Hier ist der zweite Tag unserer Reise – mit Fotos!

2. Tag