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April 26 2000


Susan is leaving for Panama today. Have a nice trip! I’m already looking forward to the photos.

TigerentePanama makes me think of Janosch. I’m afraid he is not well known in the USA. Janosch is a writer who also writes and illustrates children’s books. His most famous character probably is the Tigerente (“tiger duck”). Click on the Tigerente to go to a Janosch page in English I found.

I remember a story of his in which the Little Bear and the Little Tiger find a wooden box with the name “Panama” on it. The box smells very good (as a child, I presumed it smelled of bananas, because the words sound alike), so they decide that Panama must be some kind of paradise and they want to go there. They walk and walk and walk… only to return to their home after walking in a large circle for days. But the trees and grass have grown some, and home looks sweeter after some days on the road…

Trip to the USA

Day 25: Chinatown, Russian Hill and North Beach in San Francisco.



25. Tag: Chinatown, Russian Hill und North Beach in San Francisco.