Feb 28 2000

John Marden (The Curmudgeon who teaches statistics) has a little Java Applet that illustrates the Make a Deal Problem. In fact, you can try it yourself and find out the best strategy to win.

Looking at the photos on 2020 Hindsight made me think: I want such a dream garden (Arboretum), too! – And by the way, I want a digital camera as well…

On View from an Iowa Homestead:

It’s challenging getting to know people over the web.

My answer to John VanDyk’s question,

Do websites mask a person’s true personality or bring it out more than if you met the person in the flesh?,

is: I think the Internet – or rather, the communication by means of the Internet, can bring out more of a person’s personality than a meeting in “real life”, or at least it can do so more quickly.

How do I know? I met André that way!

Let me know if you want to know the details…

Auf cuwu.EditThisPage.com stellt John Marden ein Java-Applet zur Verfügung, das das Ziegenproblem (Englisch: Make a Deal) illustriert. Man kann selbst so oft spielen, wie man will, und die beste Gewinnstrategie herausfinden.

Beim Anschauen dieser Fotos auf 2020 Hindsight denke ich: So einen Traumgarten (Arboretum) möchte ich auch haben! – Und übrigens, auch eine Digitalkamera wäre nett…

Auf View from an Iowa Homestead:

Es ist aufregend, Leute über das Web kennenzulernen.

Meine Antwort auf John VanDyks Frage,

Verschleiern Websites die wahre Persönlichkeit der Menschen, oder bringen sie sie sogar noch deutlicher hervor als ein persönliches Treffen?,

ist diese: Meiner Meinung nach kann das Internet – oder genauer die Kommunikation über das Internet – mehr über die Persönlichkeit eines Menschen sagen als ein Treffen im “wahren Leben”, oder zumindest schneller.

Woher ich das weiß? Ich habe André so kennengelernt!

Details auf Anfrage…

3 thoughts on “Feb 28 2000

  1. Scott Hanson

    How do I know? I met André that way! Let me know if you want to know the details…

    Yes, we want details!

    Frauke and didn’t meet on the the Internet (back in 1980 there was no such thing yet)… we met as exchange students in high school, and Frauke then returned to Germany to finish her Abitur. We didn’t intend to maintain our relationship, but about 6 months after she returned to Germnay we both came to the conclusion that it would be worth the trouble. For the next 2 1/2 years, we kept in contact by post… an average of 3 letters per week for nearly 3 years. We did visit each other in the summers, and by the third summer, she had finsihed her Abitur and came to the States to stay.

    So while we did meet in person, we only got to seriously know one other remotely. It certainly is possible (although then actually living with one another after that had some unpleasant surprises… but after the first few weeks in 1983, it’s been smooth sailing ever since).

  2. Andrea Frick

    How romantic! [Sigh. ]

    an average of 3 letters per week for nearly 3 years

    I don’t think I would have survived that! For me, it was difficult enough though we only lived 350 km apart, talked on the phone, wrote email letters and saw each other twice a month. Also, it was only for one year…

    The whole story is here.

    Best wishes to both of you!


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