Monthly Archives: January 2000

31 Jan 2000

Hallo allerseits!

Ausnahmsweise mal auf Deutsch: Ich freue mich natürlich auch über Besucher meiner Seite, die besser Deutsch als Englisch können – so wie ich selbst…

Wenn ich mal gaaanz viel Zeit habe, werde ich alles zweisprachig gestalten…

Viele Links auf deutsche Seiten sind aber schon zu finden!

Scott Hanson has a list of all German EditThisPage / Manila Sites. “German” means that the authors are not necessarily Germans, but live in Germany (like him).

28 Jan 2000

Today I finished the page with my favourite Links. The Informationen für Lehramtsstudenten have been included there.

Besides, I’ve been working on the journal of our vacation in the USA… I will put in on my homepage when it’s complete.

27 Jan 2000

Okay, I admit it: I did the dog test, too, and like André, I would be a Bernese Mountain Dog!

You are most like a Bernese Mountain Dog. You are characterized by your good-hearted and hard working personality. You are down-to-earth and able to be simultaneously strong and sweet. You are very tuned in to the feelings and needs of those whom you care about. Your great communication skills, coupled with your unmatched loyalty and devotion, makes you a breed that is respected and trusted by all.

Since I was at the uni almost all day, I didn’t work much on my homepage…

Only one addition (under construction): Links