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“More people are using more nicotine products.”

NPR: Teen Vapers Who Want To Quit Look For Help Via Text.

“It all started at the mall when a friend offered her a puff from a JUUL e-cigarette.

“It was kind of peer pressure,” says Beth, a Denver-area 15-year-old who started vaping in middle school. “Then I started inhaling it,” she says. “I suddenly was, like, wow, I really think that I need this — even though I don’t.”

Soon, Beth — who asked that her last name not be used because she hasn’t told her parents about her vaping — had a JUUL of her own. She was vaping half a pod of e-liquid a day, the nicotine equivalent of half a pack of conventional cigarettes. She used other brands, too — a Suorin, a Novo and a modified device, which gives users custom vaping options.

Beth tried to quit on her own, so her mom wouldn’t find out. But it was hard and her school didn’t have enough resources to help her, she says.”