“It’s a public safety issue, and something needs to be done already.”

Jimmy Kimmel Live: Jimmy Kimmel on Mass Shooting in Las Vegas. (YouTube, 9:54min)

It’s incomprehensible to this European why gun laws have not been changed in the US a long time ago and why they probabbly won’t be changed after this tragedy.

Washington Post Opinion: Jimmy Kimmel’s monologue on guns was very powerful. It’s not enough, Jimmy.. By Greg Sargent.

“Polarization in Congress is worse than at any time in memory, and negative partisanship is on the rise. GOP lawmakers risk angering their own voters if they moderate or compromise. Then there’s the “minority rule“ problem. Gerrymandered districts and population clustering mean GOP lawmakers have to worry less about mainstream public opinion. And recall: In the Senate, a majority did vote after the Newtown shooting for expanded background checks, but it was filibustered by then-minority Republicans. (This is another way guns are different from health care, on which a Senate majority did carry the day.) If Dems take back the Senate, 60 votes will be needed for gun reform again. The problem is not the NRA’s money. It’s the self-reinforcing interaction between GOP ideological conviction, minority rule, and structural malaise.

It is important that Kimmel is mobilizing people. The best hope for countering these things is for Democrats to win more elections, and getting the base fired up is key to that. It would also be folly to expect Kimmel to turn his show into a political science seminar by discussing these dreary problems. But if there is anyone who might find a way to make them more entertaining and accessible, it’s Kimmel. Maybe he should try.”