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Egypt: Ship detects signals from crashed EgyptAir black box. “Investigators say signals emanating from one of EgyptAir flight MS084’s black boxes have been picked up. Sixty-six people were killed when the Airbus A320 crashed into the Mediterranean Sea on May 19.”

Natural Disasters: Authorities on high alert after heavy rains swamp southern Germany. “Several towns and cities in southern Bavaria have been inundated following incessant rains. Around 250 children in Triftern were trapped in school after flooding cut them off from the rest of the town.”

Deutschland: Dorf in Niederbayern von Hochwasser eingeschlossen. “Am 1. Juni beginnt meteorologisch der Sommer. Aber die Sonne macht sich rar ├╝ber Deutschland. Stattdessen heftiger Regen und Unwetter. Besonders schlimm trifft es jetzt Niederbayern.”

Germany: Hamburg jogger wearing weight vest mistaken for terrorist. “Hamburg was on high alert after a passerby mistook a runner wearing a weight vest for a suicide bomber, police have said. A witness alerted officials after he saw the man enter a building.”