A Very Long Walk

Quintin Lake: The Perimeter.

From the About page:

“The Perimeter is a photography project by Quintin Lake based on walking 10,000km around the coast of Britain in sections. The journey started on 17th April 2015 at St Paul’s cathedral and I’m following the coast clockwise. I expect the journey will take around 5 years.

I’ll be walking two to three months per year and the daily distance will be 20-40km depending on the going. I’ll be camping in the wilder parts and staying in guest houses in urban areas.”

Here’s the map of his hike and previous long-distance hikes he’s taken. So far he’s completed about 10% of the journey and is walking near Dartmouth at the moment.

André and I have hiked small stretches of the Coast Path here and there, for example between Durdle Door and Lulworth Cove, and I’m reading through Lake’s posts from the beginning, trying to catch up. I’d love to hike more of the British coast, especially in the Southwest (Cornwall, Devon).

Link via MetaFilter.