A week of optical phenomena in the sky

Tuesday, June 23rd, around 5:30pm: supernumerary rainbow (Regenbogen mit Interferenzbögen):

Thursday, June 25th, around 6:30am: sun dog (Nebensonne). I saw another one just before sunset that day, but didn’t take a photo because I didn’t have my camera with me.

Sunday, June 28th, just before 4:00pm: complete 22°-halo, pale sun dogs on both sides, plus an almost complete parhelic circle (22°-Halo, Nebensonnen, Horizontalbogen. Why didn’t I bring my camera? I captured part of the display with my phone, though…

Here’s the upper part of the 22° halo:

And here’s part of the 22° halo again on the upper right, plus part of the parhelic circle on the left:

(I hid the sun behind a street light.)

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