A bit of bragging

Guess who made it onto Wired‘s frontpage?

Check Out This Tiny 3-D Printed Spaceship

“The tiny spaceship in the video above was built using a microscale 3-D printer. At 125 micrometers long, the craft is about the length of a dust mite, and it took less than 50 seconds to produce. The super-fast, high-resolution printer that made the spaceship was introduced this week at the Photonics West fair by Nanoscribe GmbH, a company based in Germany that specializes in nanophotonics and 3-D laser lithography.”

My husband built the machine that built this tiny spaceship! :-)

[A few hours later:] The tiny spaceship is also featured on Gizmodo: Watch These Lasers Print a Microscopic Spaceship In Under a Minute.