Mmmh, food.

I’m home with a cold today. I made some asian chicken soup à la Sachiko, which helped quite a bit, and now I’m amusing myself with some surfing…

While we’re talking about cooking, there was a thread on French Toast recipes on Ask MeFi a while ago, and I’ve been eager to try to make some French Toast ever since I first tried it during our vacation in 2008. Heather Weber of Shintangle Spring Bed & Breakfast near Waterton Lakes National Park in Alberta, Canada, makes amazing French Toast with cinnamon – it’s to die for! We just may have to stay there again for the breakfast alone… ;-)

Different continent: Mr. Rau from Munich makes Gyoza, Japanese-style dumplings, following this this recipe from Steamy Kitchen, written by La Fuji Mama. I’ve got to try that as well.

For dessert, how about some Mr. Bean?