Nine years

Six days ago, this weblog turned nine years old. I briefly thought of it, but the last two weeks have been very busy at school (lots of end-of-term stuff), so I didn’t get around to posting. Now I’ve been reminded of the anniversary by Jörg of Schockwellenreiter fame who always remembers these things. Danke!

Nine years ago I was a student, living in Bonn and apparently having a lot of free time to write (almost) daily postings. I started a weblog just to try out the software my then-boyfriend worked on. I had no idea that I would keep this up for such a long time.

Well, I’ve moved twice in the real world and once online since I started this weblog, I’m now a teacher with a lot less free time to write (almost) monthly postings. Yet some of you still visit my weblog or read my RSS feed – and have been doing so for nine years. Thanks!

This weblog has allowed me to talk to people living around the world via comments or e-mail and to meet friends who live several thousands of miles from here on another continent, namely Garret and Sandra, and Hal and his wife and son. I still remember this occasion very fondly and would do it again in a heartbeat. Thanks very much, you really helped making this day unforgettable!

2 thoughts on “Nine years

  1. Hal

    We remember it fondly as well. :-)

    As I write this, Audrey is mid-flight en route to Munich where she is doing some of her dissertation research hyper-pressurizing rocks, then trying to get them to blow up*. I’ll email you separately about this, But I fear she will have next to zero free time which seems a shame. But then, I spent several days in Honolulu, Hawaii and spent nearly the whole time bowing and prostrating myself. Go figure.

    *’blow up’ is not the term she would use, but I can’t remember the term for that particular stage of high-velocity meteor impact she is trying to investigate. Still, it is pretty close.

  2. garret

    Boy, I’ve been so focused on watching our American financial system hit bottom, I’d completely forgotten your anniversary. Happy Ninth!

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