Daily Archives: January 25, 2007

Seven Years

Seven years and almost 3500 posts ago I signed up for a Manila weblog at www.editthispage.com. I honestly never thought that I would keep this up for such a long time, but even though my posting frequency has decreased quite a bit because I don’t have as much time as I used to have it is still a lot of fun.

There are two main reasons for me to keep this weblog: First of all, it is an excellent way for me to organize links to interesting websites in a way that I’m able to find them again, even years later (if the pages have not disappeared in the interim). And second of all, I’ve met and continue to meet interesting people from different countries, of different ages, with different jobs and backgrounds, most of which I would not have met otherwise.

I tend to think that I have few long-time readers, most of which I know (waving hello to the people who started out at ETP as well!), but sometimes I hear from people who have read my weblog for some time without me knowing them, like LuCaS, a fellow physics teacher from Belgium, who noted this weblog’s anniversary a day in advance. Hi Lucas!

Thank you all for reading!

P.S.: I know that National Delurking Week was the second week of January, but if you’ve been lurking here, why don’t you consider this the delurking posting for Serendipita and leave a comment? Thanks!