Startnummer 7569

It’s the evening before the marathon. I put new, bigger wheels (80 mm diameter instead of 78) and bearings on my shoes a week ago, which seems to have increased my velocity quite a bit – or is it my motivation? Anyway, I feel much faster now than I did two weeks ago. When I last trained yesterday I managed to skate 10 km (6.2 miles) in 32 minutes, and even though I trained much more last year, my average speed is about the same, so I’m optimistic that I won’t be much slower tomorrow than I was last year.

The weather forecast predicts a mere 28°C (82°F), which is a bit cooler than last years predicted 30°C (86°F). Another advantage is that the inline marathon starts earlier this year: 7:30 am instead of 9:10. This way, I’ll probably reach the finish line between 10:00 and 10:30.

Anyone wanna do brunch in Koblenz tomorrow? ;-)

2 thoughts on “Startnummer 7569

  1. Daniel

    Good luck tomorrow. Well, if I get my pilot ready to start my luxury jet I can be there for brunch tomorrow morning…..

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