Sun and moon halos and much more

sun dog - NebensonneWhile looking for an explanation for sun dogs earlier today I discovered Eva Seidenfaden’s great collection of photos: “ (deutsche Version) is a gallery of images with brief explanations dedicated to atmospheric optics and astrophotography”.

I have seen sun dogs before and knew that there were more halos, arcs and the like (Halos, Nebensonnen, Bögen etc.) but thought they were only, if ever, visible in Antarctica – this misconception might stem from the fact that I first saw photos of these phenomena at an exhibition called Arctica – Antarctica (Arktis – Antarktis) at the Bundeskunsthalle (Kunst- und Ausstellungshalle der BRD) in Bonn. In any case, Eva Seidenfaden has some exceptionally beautiful photos, and I urge you to browse her collection yourself!