Saturday, October 25, 2003

Fun Mathematics and Origami

There is a lot of fun mathematical stuff on Jürgen Köller’s Mathematische Basteleien, for example origami, puzzles and some playing with numbers. Even though the title is German, almost all of the pages are available in both English and German.

One of the origami classics: How to make an origami crane. Divided into several pages, lots of photos to help you along.

What you are seeing is not what you are seeing

Grand Illusions a “site for the enquiring mind. With optical illusions, scientific toys, visual effects, and even a little magic.”

Link via MetaFilter.

Colour on the Computer

Yet another colour scheme chooser that looks interesting. (I previously linked to A recipe for color and Martin’s 6-Colormatch. I should start to collect these things in one place, it seems.)

Link via Sheila.

Old houses mended

Jeanne and Aaron bought a 1914 bungalow in Chigago with the intention to restore it by themselves. They chronicle their advancement on a weblog named House in Progress. The previous owner of the house seems to have collected anything and everything and left a lot of the stuff behind when she moved out. Now they are sorting through it all, giving some away, selling other stuff at a garage sale. Take a look at descriptions and photos of memorabilia, kitchenware and mysterious things from the last few decades: What on earth? (page contains a lot of small images and will take some time to load).

Link via MetaFilter.