Daily Archives: December 17, 2001

Monday, December 17 2001

Weblog Community

Wow, I’ve been nominated for the Scripting News Awards for 2001 in the EditThisPage.Com Pioneers category. Thanks, Dave!

However, I don’t think I’ve much of a chance to win because all the other nominations are such cool and great blogs as well. But I noticed that I’m the only person on the pioneer list who is not from the USA.

If you haven’t done so already, go and vote!

Instant books

Well, sort of. This is the coolest vending machine I’ve ever seen. Book Drop:

“University of Iowa bookCenter for the Book studies students are offering a unique holiday gift idea along with an unusual shopping experience. Handmade books and kits for binding your own books are available at a new Book Drop vending machine installed in the North Lobby of the University of Iowa’s Main Library. […] The machine is stocked with a selection of items bound to delight any book lover”.

I think the idea is awsome. Just today on my way home from work I stood next to a similar vending machine at the train station. It sells candy and cold drinks. Wouldn’t it be cool to have book vending machines at airports and train stations, too?

Link via Acme Book News via Craig (another of the nominated pioneers).

Money Money…

“Today, German banks started handing out the Euro to the general public in the form of a so-called Euro starter kit” – AndrĂ© has the latest news from Euroland. He also brought me a starter kit. I like the new coins. The coins have a common side that looks in the same in every country, while the other side is country specific I think the German coins are rather boring, compared to other countries’. For example, the Greek coins and the Italian coins each have a different picture, while the German coins show either an eagle, the Brandenburg gate, or an oak twig.

Oh cool, Susan (nominated in two categories, by the way) has a link to Eurotrash, a weblog “chronicling this historic leap [from old currency to new Euro] and the ensuing chaos”.