Daily Archives: December 2, 2001

Sunday, December 2 2001

feuerklein: Medieval Market

André and I went to the medieval market in Siegburg today. And of course I’ve got photos for you. Enjoy!


Manila, the software behind this website (and many many others) turned two years old yesterday. Happy anniversary and a big thank you to UserLand!

Congratulations again, Hal! Great photo.

The picture of Hal makes me wonder why we don’t get to wear robes and cool hats for graduation in Germany. At least there’s a small party when someone gets his/her diploma. For people with Staatsexamen like me, there’s not even that. I got my certificate by mail, which was not very exciting…

English – German

I’m using Leo English/German Dictionary more and more. It translates in both directions and knows idioms and phrases as well. I especially like the very convenient bookmarklet they offer. This is much faster than getting my dictionary out!

Und weil es so einfach und praktisch ist, benutze ich das Bookmarklet jetzt oft, um die Bedeutung eines englischen Worts nachzuschauen, das ich sonst einfach überlesen hätte. Einfacher kann man sein Vokabular kaum erweitern.