Wednesday, August 22 2001

Bovine Flying Object

Update: Scott informs me that the cow is in fact a bull. He also came up with a website that has more info about the new zeppelins in English and German:

Thanks, Scott!

Since it’s warm and sunny again, it is the perfect weather for hot-air balloons. Earlier today, I saw three of them.


Hey, doesn’t one of the balloons have legs? – Yes, it’s a flying cow!


Aktie Gelb refers to the stock of the Deutsche Post AG.

Riding (flying?) in a cow balloon might not be quite as spectacular as riding a zeppelin (sorry, I only found a link in German), Garret, but I think it’s cool nonetheless.

3 thoughts on “Wednesday, August 22 2001

  1. Scott Hanson

    Umm, I think that cow is actually a bull. Trust me, I live next to a cattle farmer. I know what bulls look like :-) (I’d ask you to take a closer look at the anatomy, but children might be reading this…)

    We have a balooning firm closeby in Buchholz, and we see baloons overhead all the time. One time a baloon made an unplanned landing a couple hundred meters from our yard. has pages in both English and German.

  2. Andrea Frick

    Yes, I know what bulls look like. I thought it was okay to use the word cow for the animal without specifying the genus.

    I think I have the same problem in German. I tend to say Kühe when I talk about, well, cows, instead of calling them Rinder. So there are male Rinder called Bullen – bulls in English – and female Rinder called Kühe – cows in English. But what is Rinder in English? Maybe I should have written “a member of the bovine race”?!

    We also see balloons almost daily in the summer, but I haven’t seen four balloons at the same time over our house, and we rarely get to see animal balloons, so I thought it was worth posting.

    I would love to take a look at Bonn from a balloon. My parents went on a ride once (near Scheeßel) and enjoyed it very much.

    Oh, and thanks for finding! I did a search with Google, but came up with nothing. Then I guessed some URLs, but I didn’t find this one.

  3. Scott Hanson

    The balloon firm in Buchholz is at

    Rinder could be cattle or beef cattle or livestock, but there isn’t really word for a singular bovine of indeterminate gender… I guess cows would be OK. But your “cow” was so obviously a bull that I had to laugh. Especially since it was came from the stock market, where the main species are bulls and bears. :-)

    Enjoy your weekend!

    Scott, Frauke, and you-know-who

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