Wednesday, July 26 2001

Hello, anybody there?

Hmm… not even my photo got to put me on the updates list. Weird. Does it decrease the number of scans if you don’t post anything for a couple of days?

Whatever, I need to go to bed now.


This is another one of the photos I took Sunday. I’m not sure why the colours in this photo are so different from the other photos. It was the same time and the same place, and I didn’t photoshop it. Seems like my camera likes to add its personal touch to the pics…


I don’t get it. Now that Oliver has managed to get The Far Side of My Mind back on the update list, my updates don’t appear any more. I flipped the page this morning around ten (GMT +2), but it didn’t show up. Let’s see if this change goes unnoticed as well.

Too bad, I can’t reach Dangerousmeta at the moment. But Hal writes his heart is okay. Great news!

Schön, reich und berühmt…

… wird jetzt vielleicht der Schockwellenreiter, denn er ist in einem Artikel der Zeit erwähnt: Intime Notizen für alle.

Meine regelmäßigen Zeit-Links mußten in den letzten Wochen wegen Examensvorbereitung ja leider ausfallen, aber heute hat Jörg meinen Job übernommen.

[Und da Jörg in seinem heutigen Eintrag zu mir linkt, kriege ich von seinem Ruhm vielleicht sogar ein bißchen ab – in Form von Referrern. ]

2 thoughts on “Wednesday, July 26 2001

  1. garret p vreeland

    i’m having a hard time trying to get dangerousmeta! to register on i change my ‘changes url’, and still i get no updates.

    i’ve tried pointing to pages where i change large amounts of content, change meta tag dates … nothing.

    it used to work, before i changed over my design. now it doesn’t. as i have time, i try new permutations. if i find out what makes my weblog trigger the aggregator, i’ll let you know.

  2. Andrea Frick

    Thanks, Garret.

    The strange thing about this is, I haven’t changed my design or anything else about this site. I flipped the page as usually, but the updates don’t get reported. Everything worked just fine on Sunday, when I last updated.

    I’ll wait and see if anything happens when I flip the homepage again.

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