Monday, July 2 2001


San Francisco from 15,000 feet. Beautiful photo, Jeff!

Kottenforst: Bike tour

André and I went to the Kottenforst, a nearby forest, by bike today. Here are some photos.

The Eden Project

Remember that André and I visited the Eden Project in Cornwall? I just found How the Eden Project works on How Stuff Works. Quite an interesting read.


I found some recipes for Barb and Roland on Jürgen’s Homepage:

  • German Recipes
  • Bavarian Recipes
  • I haven’t tried any of them, but they sure sound good.

    And by the way, Jürgen seems to be a huge fan of asian food as well.

    Link via Sean.

    Dokumente unter MacOS 9 schreibschützen

    Zu meinem gestrigen Problem: Dank der Hilfe von Kris habe ich auf der CD mit dem System das passende Skript gefunden. facehappy:

    Update: Hier gibt es die Funktionalität per Kontextmenü.

    Link via Garret.