March 19 2001

Just a quick posting… I had a wonderfully relaxing weekend and now feel fit for our little vacation in Plymouth! facehappy: Unfortunately, the weather has turned horribly cold (though not as horrible as further in the North), but maybe it’l be better in England in the next couple of days.

Five years ago, on March 19 1996, André and I met for the very first time! Back then, I was still living in Hanover, and he spent a couple of days at his parents near Celle (quite close to Hanover), so I invited him for dinner. Having known each other only via email, we spent the day getting used to the idea that there was a real person behind all those emails, chatting, drinking tea and going to the movies in the evening.

And today we are going to celebrate both the anniversary of our first meeting and the fact that I survived writing my thesis by going to a very good Chinese restaurant.

After that, it’s time to start packing, and tomorrow we’re leaving for the airport a little after noon.

Have a great day, everyone, and in case I don’t get to post something tomorrow, expect me to be back on Thursday next week!

2 thoughts on “March 19 2001

  1. garret p vreeland

    happy fifth, you two. have a great trip … and don’t eat any british beef. you know what they say, the british kill beef twice, once when they kill it, again when they cook it …

  2. Andrea Frick

    Thanks, Garret. About the beef: I’m not sure what one can eat in England anyway: beef is supposed to be contaminated by mad cow disease (altough it seems to be more of a problem in Germany at the moment), pork and lamb carry mouth and foot disease… seems it’s going to be fish and chips for a whole week!

    See ya next week…


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